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 As the world continues to advance, people sink deeper and deeper into the mire of their fast-paced lives. Important days pass by unnoticed, memories lay forgotten, and reading the Holy Bible became a thing of the past. Because everything seems faster nowadays, people find themselves lacking in time every single day. With work or school, family, friends, and extra-curricular activities hogging each minute of peopleís lives, few find time for serenity and reflection. But it does not always have to be like this.

 If your everyday life comprises spending hours and hours in front of the computer, there is now a way for you to have a few minutes of reflection even at your work place or school campus. Multibible ( is an online-Bible website which offers this small piece of luxury to anyone who wishes to avail of it. It features a digital King James Version, allowing you to read the Bible online instantly.

 With Multibible, even while you are up to neck with the dayís work, you can surely find a few minutes to stop and read some verses. People nowadays have lost sight of the importance of reading the scriptures. All denominations who read the Holy Bible, Old and New Testament alike, should remember that the Bible is Godís word and God does not err or lie. The Bible does not command blindly, but instead offers proof of your faith. The Bible is always timely because God is as constant as the nature of humankind.

 Reading the Bible, you will get to know who you worship and not just the fa?ade which you had gleaned from others. You will get to know your faith and constantly renew your connection with God. It will give you guidance and hope when there seems to be none. Being familiar with the word of God will alert you of false teachings, false prophets and false gods. Most of all, it will keep you from sinning at every turn.

 The King James Version, in particular, is a Bible version which could be read by any denomination. It was translated with the intention of being unbiased, hence no marginal notes or footnotes explaining the text are present. This version allows people to interpret on their own what the word of God means. The translations also adhere as much as possible to the authentic texts, ensuring the faithful that what was lost in translation is only minimal.

 Multibible which features King James Version of the scriptures can then be accessed by any Christian denomination or Jews alike. This online-Bible allows you to select parts of the text to read and even search the whole Bible for verses you want to find. Never again will you have to complain about not having time to spend reading the word of God, not with an Multy-Bible allowing you access to it through just a few simple clicks.

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